Monday, April 9, 2012

Rainy Day Books
2706 West 53rd Street
Fairway KS 66205
Another step in the right direction. Now what to do with the rest of my vacation from the day job?


  1. I read your last two posts. I think your novel would work well as 'young adult.' If, after you'r finished with the trilogy or series and your protagonist is much older, you could reacess it and its possibilites as just an 'adult' novel of historical significance. I can relate to the other post prior to this last one too, about school. I was a daydreamer too. I was guility of staring out the window. Ha. Being distracted and not turning in all of my homework, so was not a real good student which now I regret so much not putting more into my lessons and subjects. But, English lit classes were my favorite as I too would make up fictional stories. I do regret not writing them all out more and keeping them as they went back to sixth grade. Also, I loved art, and scetching, and scrapbooking. I liked creating. Lots of regrets though that I did not get to go on to college, but instead worked full time to help put Wayne through seminary. Anyway, I have added you to my blog list and appreciate all the feedback. And to answer your question on inserting more of my novel. Yes, I plan to do that with little tidbits and other info. thrown in on my progress and have a number of stories and poems I want to include in it if I have enough space. I have another fictional Holocaust story entitled, The Ghetto Jews I want to include. I am going to get into your last chapter updates too on your novel and get back with you on that. Thanks for the comments earlier. I agree it will help if we follow oneanother's and can be supportive where needed.

  2. Write! Illustrate! What else is there!