Friday, April 20, 2012


Yesterday, April 19, was Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day. In honor of the 6 million, some of them family I never knew, I offer this piece.

“You see this rock?” Zipporah asks her thirteen-year-old great-granddaughter.

“What’s so special about it?” Anya yawns.

“Underneath this rock…half your age…I hid from them. Papa told me not to move or make a sound, no matter what.”

Anya’s half-closed eyes snap open. “Then what happened, Bubbie?”

Blam! I held my breath. Mama fell. I didn’t cry. Mud filled my nose. Dear God, I wanted to cry.

“Papa sang a prayer, ‘Magnified and Sanctified be His Great name…’

Bang! Papa never sang again.

“Today only water drips off this rock but on that day, my child, it dripped with something else.”


  1. Excellent story to show succeeding generations the importance of never again.

    Mine, however, is fanciful, and I almost hesitate to post the link compared to your powerful story:

  2. I read your story, Maggy, you've no reason to hesitate. Thanks for sharing.

  3. That was effective to tell the story and message. It worked well.I will have to try the 100 word count stories too. As some of my family has said before. I am such a 'detail' person. Guess I could stand to do a little more condensing. Ha. Our cell group met last night. It is our small group from our 'mega church' (Resurrection Fellowship/Loveland). We meet every other Thurs. night for our Bible study, worship and prayer time and our cell group leaders did a very nice tribute to the Holocaust Remembrance Day and we lit candles and shared things about it (what we knew, etc.) and I shared about all my research on it over the years. I did my blog piece about it yesterday on my blog site and have had some of my family comment on it. I think we all need to keep that event remembered in ways we can as there is a lot of antisemitism that is rising up again in Europe (even Germany again) and even in the U.S. from the stories told and reported. It adds to the end time prophetic things that we will be seeing more of. One of my absolute favorite authors who is also half Jewish (had a Jewish father) is Joel Rosenberg. I have all his books and have his website 'Epicenter' on my favorites (also a WordPress site) and his books (novels - suspense thrillers) are so realistic as he has studied extensively the prophetic things that are and will happen between Israel, U.S., Iran, Russia and Arab countries. Check out his website and books. Really terrific. you can find him via my favorites on my fb page.

  4. Hi Rochelle: Welcome to FridayFictioneers! Enjoyed your "Tribute" story. The other day on a NYC bus, an elderly lady lifted her arm to share the balance bar with me and I noticed the blue/black numbers on her arm. I got goosebumps and chills because I immed. knew what they were. Another thing that surprised me... the numbers were so vivid they didn't seem to have faded with time. Here's mine:

  5. Thanks Lora, I'm still pretty new at this but love the 100 word challenge. I'm amazed at how many different takes there are to one picture.

  6. Rochelle, I just found your story - sorry it took me so long but I forgot a bunch of you had posted links on the prompt page. Your story did a very good job at showing what happened on that day, brought me right in there.

  7. Wow, powerful story. I love this. It's a shame I didn't see this before.

  8. Madison and Little Wonder, better late than never.

  9. I didn't see this story last week, but I am glad you wrote it. I too carry that weight of remembrance, which is why I wrote my little stories about "The Colour Lime" - but this is touching and a good one for you to have contributed.
    Thank you,