Tuesday, February 28, 2012

So...What's Next?

Question: What can be more exhilarating than seeing my writing, artwork and name in print?
Answer 1: Selling them.
Answer 2: Feedback of the positive variety.
Answer 3: Selling more!

Thus far I've sold over a hundred copies of THIS, THAT AND SOMETIMES THE OTHER, with my husband's help, to friends and coworkers. Of course I hope word of mouth will bring more book requests but sitting on my thumbs and waiting for this to happen isn't the best marketing strategy.
After a book signing hosted by my mentor, friend and co-writer, Patricia Clothier, in January I've thought of sending out feelers to others who might do the same. It was a sweet, intimate setting. I read my shortest story, answered questions and sold seven copies.
I really would like to do more readings like that. Again no one's knocking down my door. So now's the time to get in touch with my inner PJB (Pushy Jewish Broad). At the same time my inner cringing chicken is curled up in a corner.

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  1. Hi, Rochelle. I'll put this post and picture on the High Hill newspaper today. And I think the more intimate book signing is the best. I'll also write something about that...but good going on your sales. You've written a wonderful collection of stories and soon people will be searching for it.