Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Announcing my New Arrival!

Friday night I held my first book in my hands. I can only liken the feeling to the moments when I held each of my sons and granddaughter for the first time. Euphoria. Wonder. A whole thesaurus gallops through my head in one glorious moment and I'm rendered speechless. (Sort of.)
Many thanks to publisher Lou Turner of High Hill Press and editor Delois McGrew. They worked as hard on THIS, THAT AND SOMETIMES THE OTHER as I did.
Next step. Marketing. Oy. While I don't expect to make the NY Times Best Seller list with my short story anthology I've been overwhelmed by the response from my workmates and friends. Also I'm blessed with a proud, doting husband who sold 11 copies at work yesterday.
In less than a week all 70 copies are spoken for and I'm preparing to order another 50. Hey Kids, act surprised when you open your present this holiday!

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